Monday, August 15, 2011

Whats New on the Mustang A Day Challenge This week! Begining Aug 15th

Whats Hot on the Painting Challenge:
A Sand Wash Basin Stallion
Photographed by John Wagner
So much exciting going on this week. Starting this evening I will be painting more horses from the Sand Wash Basin HMA near Craig Colorado. The Sale of the paintings will help support the efforts of the photographers who are documenting family groups of the herd and their migrations. The Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses(SWBWH) Club is currently in the process organizing and is working with the BLM to help identify the horses for better management on the range and easier adoption for those who are rounded up.

The SWBWH Club is a loosely associated group of people with one common goal: the horses. Its foundation came from a group on Face Book that now numbers over 3,000 people. There is at this time no formal organization in place.  I am encouraging a program of  sponsorship of the horses for the purpose of continuing documentation is . It takes a ton of money to go out and do what our friends and photographers do and the more support we can get for this effort the better. If you would like to join in here is the Facebook Club link:

The exact date for the Sand Wash Basin(SWB) HMA roundup has not been announced but it will be sometime in 1012 or 2013 to complete the PZP birth control study being done on the herd by the Humane Society of the United States. Some horses will probably be removed from the SWB HMA at that time as a means of population control.

One of  7 watercolors of 
Kiger Mustangs offered in
This  informal Auction.
Something Different for Mustang Supporters:
For the first time I am running a Face Book Auction of the Paintings I did last week for the Kiger Mustangs on my Facebook Page. Its an experiment to see if this type of informal acution will help in raising money for Mustang Charities. If you would like to participate please go to the page listed here These are small format paintings of 6 by 4 inches with starting bids of $9.50. Auction runs through Midnight(PST)August
Click on the  image to read details

The Mid-Summer Painting Special:
Don't Forget the Mustang A Day Challenge Mid Summer Special is still going on.  Become a part of the solution. Have one of these wonderful 5 by 5 inch head portraits done for $35.00 ea. I will give $10 for each painting of this size to Alder Hill Farm for their Rescued Mustangs Upkeep for this winter. The goal is to paint and sell 20 of these and give  $200 to Alder Hill Farm. You can contact me directly at with your photography and request or you can purchase through my etsy store here: