Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spirit Fund Raiser: Helping in a Crisis

 Sprint Fund Raiser: Order Prints here!
  Prints of Spirit ~ Help in this Funding Effort.
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Please Scroll Down to read about why I am helping out with this horse and hope to help out with many others.

Full Body print of Spirit
from original painting by
Linda L Martin

About the Painting: The original of this painting was auctioned off on Facebook in a 3 day Auction Begining Tuesday March 27th and Ending on Thursday March 29th at 11:59 Pm on my page  Linda L.Martin Affordable Animal Portraits and Art  Theses signed prints are offered to help with Spirit's on going care. Thank you for your participation you are amazing to help in this effort. ~Linda Martin

If you have any questions about the fund-raiser please email me at info@llmartin.com and write "Spirit Fund" in the subject line.

Titled American Mustang
in need of a home.
Why  Am I  doing this:

Spirit The Mustang is a fully adopted mustang with a clear title who lived in peaceful quietness on his owner's farm in Delaware for 10 years. During that time Spirit was mostly a lawn adornment and pet. He was released into the pasture, his halter removed and never handled again except for treats and petting. A fine life for a wild horse in adoption you might think. But in reality its a crisis for this beautiful Stallion.

Because Spirit was never handled or trained he is now nearly impossible to place. Because of his lack of training even vetting , the most basic first-aid and grooming are problematic. Now his family must move and cannot take him. The choice is to find him a new home and foster care or put him down. Most people on the East Coast are not equipped to handle an untrained mature stallion. Because Spirit is also a wild horse it makes the situation more complicated. Spirit needs training, he needs basic vetting and hoof care and he needs to be gelded and he needs a home to live out the rest of his life.
UPDATE On Spirit:
Spirit and his son, Arizona were both rescued and taken to Black Hill's Wild Horse Sanctuary this past spring. It took an army of volunteers for each step of the way and a lot of donations to get them there. Now the two and the rest of the small band  of mustangs related to Spirit and Arizona are all living out their lives in Sanctuary.
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A portion of the money from the sale of the prints will be donated to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in the name of Spirit. ~Linda Martin
Read more about how we are trying to help adopted Mustangs in Crisis through the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project: http://mustangadaychallengenews.blogspot.com/2012/06/new-project-happening-directly-from.html