Friday, March 30, 2012

Burro Week April 2nd Through 6th

Burros of
Big Bend State Park
Photo by Marjorie Farabee
Used by permission

Starting Monday April 2,  it will be wild burro week on the Mustang A Day Challenge. This is a very special week for wild burros in Texas, as it will be the week leading up to the Wild Burro Rally at the State Capital of Austin in Texas  April 7th.  Wild Burros in Texas are not protected by Federal law, as they are managed by the state of Texas. This last wild heritage herd of Burros in Texas resides on the 330,000 acre Big Bend State Park. The herd has been targeted by some policy makers as an invasive species pest rather than the valued wild herd that helped make Texas history.

I applaud all efforts to preserve this important historical and cultural icon of Texas and the United States in a humane and kind fashion,  so that they might live wild as living treasures of the old west and their contributions to the development of our country as it is today.

As my contribution I will be attempting to complete 5 Watercolors of the Texas Wild Burros during the week of April 2nd, 2012.  The collaborating photographer for this effort is Marjorie Farabee. Prints of these paintings will be on sale through my blog to help raise money for the preservation efforts  of the Last Herd of Wild Burros in the State of Texas . They will go on sale The following Monday Through this blog.

Please Share with your friends. Everyone can participate.

Note you can also Follow  these pages to learn more about the latest efforts surrounding The Wild Burros of Texas: Wild Burro Protection League - operating under Todd Mission Rescue