Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Burro Week On the Mustang A Day Challenge!

Burro Week: 
Very fitting leading up to the Christmas Holiday

We are very quickly heading into the time we Celebrate Christmas. This week is Burro Week. I am doing three very special burro paintings that will be translated into cards and prints. You can buy the items through zazzle and send a card to Gov. Perry of Texas help save the burros. 10% of the profit from each card will go to a charity that helps preserve, protect, find homes for or rescue “long ears”.


Guest Artists!
In addition we have two very special Guest Artists this week.

Sue Kroll is a “Long Ears” specialist. Sue paints mostly mules and donkeys. I first met Sue on facebook when she was painting a “Mule A Day” She was one of the people who inspired me to paint the Mustang A Day Challenge Series. No one captures the essence of burros and mules through eyes of love like Sue does. I’m very happy to have her as a guest on the Challenge. Her paintings will be featured on Thursday December 22nd.

Our other guest artist is Western Artist Debbie Flood. She is internationally know and has won many awards with her watercolors of modern cowboy culture. One of the things I love about her work is her colors. She works with a warm pallet that always has the colors of the sun, sand and turquoise. You always feel the warmth in each of her works of art. Debbie told me that she also did a year as a daily painter. She said it was an amazing experience that took her to new levels in her work. I am very happy to have her as a guest on the Challenge. Her painting will be featured on Friday, December 23rd


New Products on Zazzle Benefiting Sand Wash Basin Mustangs. And where to buy Original Mustang A Day Challenge Paintings.

Items Memorializing Sundance, a popular
South Steens HMA Stallion.
Please check out the Zazzle Store for new items and products from the Mustang A Day Challenge. You can link in here: http://www.zazzle.com/LindaLMartinArtist*

Also don’t forget that originals of the Mustang A Day Challenge are available on line through my Etsy Store:  http://www.etsy.com/MustangADayChallenge.blogspot.com

To all my clients and Fans:
Have a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful Holiday Season. Wishing You and Yours Much Peace, Prosperity and Joy in 2012.

Reminder: The Mustang A Day Challenge will not be posting mustangs on December 26th   and 27th Several special paintings will be completed during the week between Christmas and New Years.
The Mustang A Day Challenge will resume with Happy Mustangs on January 3rd, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Listings for Alder Hill Farm Mustang Paintings on Etsy

Please visit the Mustang a Day Store to view these and other Challenge Paintings available on Etsy.

To read more about Alder Hill Farm, which horses are avaiable for adoption and how you can get involved go to www.alderhillfarm.org

Sunday, November 20, 2011

THANKSGIVING!! Giveaway! Guest Artists! Paintings Schedule

"Gobbler and Hen"
Signed  Print by Linda L Martin
To the Give A Way winner.
Thanksgiving 2011!!
I am always thankful for the many people who have supported me through the years.  But I have even more to be thankful for this year. Ive made so many new friends and supporters through doing this Mustang A Day Challenge. I love everyone of you and your passion for horses and Mustangs.  Thank you for your support and your encouragement.

There are so many really cool things happening this week to Celebrate the Thanksgiving  Holiday.

Thanksgiving Giveaway:

Yes! We are having a give away!  I'm giving away my annual Thanksgiving  “Turkey” themed item . This year its an open edition  fine art print of  the  Gobbler and Hen painting . It has a wide margin and is ready to frame as an 11 by 8.5 or mat and frame to 11 by 14. Yes it is signed. Entries will begin  November 21st and run through  5pm  Wednesday November 23rd. The drawing will be held  on Wednesday and announced on my Face Book Fine Art Page.   To enter type in  Bless-U2 on my page http://www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist or  in the comments under this post. Be sure to watch for the winner so you can send me your address. Also watch the page for a special surprize on Wednesday!

Special Guest Artists for Thanksgiving  Week!
This week we have two special guest for the Mustang A Day Challenge.  Our first  guest Artist is Rachel McCaffrey.  Rachel lives in South Africa.  She is well smitten with the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin HMA. Her painting of  Apache will be featured on Monday. 

Our Tuesday guest is a world renowned artist  Jeanne Newton Schoborg , living in Iowa, who  is well known for her beautiful traditionally realistic paintings of show and domestic horses. For our purposes she is going back to the basics with her wonderful oil painting of  the spirit of a wild stallion. 

Please let both of these artists know how much you enjoy  their work ! On Wednesday Im offering my 2008 painting Snow Ponies for the challenge to get you in the mood for Christmas. It’s the Most Wonderful time of the YEAR!!

There will be no Mustang A Day Paintings Thursday through Sunday this week  
to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Painting Schedule For December:

November 28th through December 2nd
Monday – Wednesday  More Mustangs and Kids
Thursday-Friday: Memorial paintings

December -  5th through 9th
Some of my Favorite Horses from Sand Wash Basin HMA ( TBA)

December  12 th – 16th
Happy Mustangs

December 19- 22th
Burro Week and a Special Guest Artist

December 23rd -26th
No painting  Christmas Break

December 26th through 30th 
TBA  Traditionally I travel a lot during this week between Christmas and New Years So I won’t be painting regularly during this week.

January 3 
More Happy Mustangs Begin The new year!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Celebration Giveaway for the Mustang A Day Challenge: 200 Paintings!

Celebrate the 200th Painting
Tuesday, September 27th  I will reach the 200th painting in the Mustang A Day Challenge. To celebrate this achievement I will be having a give away.
The give away will Have three Prizes.
~First Prize is A full-body or head watercolor portrait 8 by 10 inches with a simple background
~2 runners up will receive one 5 by 7 watercolor  head portrait with a simple background.
Winners provide reference photography of at least 300dpi with good contrast.
How to enter:
Go to my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist
Then comment with the word: 200GW
The entries are open now.
~The Entries Close at Midnight Tuesday September 27th.
~Drawing will be held Wednesday September 28th and announced on my facebook page.
~Winning contestants have 48 hours to respond or forfeit.
Previous winners may not enter this drawing.
Enter Now!  Thank you for participating in the Mustang A Day Challenge.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on the Mustang A Day Challenge.

 New Auction on My Facebook Page!
Click this link to bid: Auction #3

So many exciting things are happening now that the weather is beginning to cool. The month of September I began offering small auctions on my facebook page as an experiment. They are working out wonderfully and the participation is growing. By giving my facebook fans a first chance offer to own some of these wonderful paintings it helps keep me in paint and paper to continue the challenge. It also helps to raise money for the photogrphers so they can continue the documentation of the wild horses they are trying to help preserve. This gives everyone that bids the opportunity to be a part of the solution.

The new Auction is up and running now and will be there  until September 29th. Please contact me if you dont have paypal. If you have it it streamlines the entire process.
Fall Painting Special!

Click the Image to read the details.
As you know by now if you have been following the Mustang A Day Challenge I also run a painting special every few months. Well the Fall special starts on October 1st and runs through December 31st. This special is for any watercolor original that I have painted or any commissioned work during the time period its for 25% off of the retail value starting at size 5 by 7 inches and up. This is a really good deal and just in time for Christmas too. But you must have the code to participate. You can get the code here on this post and on the 2011 prices post from the advertising image. Remember no code, no discount.

This offere is only good with the code  when you buy online through any of my three Etsy Stores or directly by facebook. Auctions are not included in the special.  The special may not be combined with any other offers.
Links to my Etsy Stores:
This week on The Mustang A Day Challenge
Coming up this week on  The Mustang A Day Challenge: The mustangs of Alder Hill Rescue in Missouri.
You can read more about the horses of Alder Hill Farm at www.alderhillfarm.org

Monday, August 15, 2011

Whats New on the Mustang A Day Challenge This week! Begining Aug 15th

Whats Hot on the Painting Challenge:
A Sand Wash Basin Stallion
Photographed by John Wagner
So much exciting going on this week. Starting this evening I will be painting more horses from the Sand Wash Basin HMA near Craig Colorado. The Sale of the paintings will help support the efforts of the photographers who are documenting family groups of the herd and their migrations. The Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses(SWBWH) Club is currently in the process organizing and is working with the BLM to help identify the horses for better management on the range and easier adoption for those who are rounded up.

The SWBWH Club is a loosely associated group of people with one common goal: the horses. Its foundation came from a group on Face Book that now numbers over 3,000 people. There is at this time no formal organization in place.  I am encouraging a program of  sponsorship of the horses for the purpose of continuing documentation is . It takes a ton of money to go out and do what our friends and photographers do and the more support we can get for this effort the better. If you would like to join in here is the Facebook Club link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sand-Wash-Basin-Wild-Horses/101181969939406

The exact date for the Sand Wash Basin(SWB) HMA roundup has not been announced but it will be sometime in 1012 or 2013 to complete the PZP birth control study being done on the herd by the Humane Society of the United States. Some horses will probably be removed from the SWB HMA at that time as a means of population control.

One of  7 watercolors of 
Kiger Mustangs offered in
This  informal Auction.
Something Different for Mustang Supporters:
For the first time I am running a Face Book Auction of the Paintings I did last week for the Kiger Mustangs on my Facebook Page. Its an experiment to see if this type of informal acution will help in raising money for Mustang Charities. If you would like to participate please go to the page listed here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150285955418585.342439.61141573584 These are small format paintings of 6 by 4 inches with starting bids of $9.50. Auction runs through Midnight(PST)August
Click on the  image to read details

The Mid-Summer Painting Special:
Don't Forget the Mustang A Day Challenge Mid Summer Special is still going on.  Become a part of the solution. Have one of these wonderful 5 by 5 inch head portraits done for $35.00 ea. I will give $10 for each painting of this size to Alder Hill Farm for their Rescued Mustangs Upkeep for this winter. The goal is to paint and sell 20 of these and give  $200 to Alder Hill Farm. You can contact me directly at LLMartisticServices@yahoo.com with your photography and request or you can purchase through my etsy store here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/73018514/mid-summer-watercolor-special-pet-or

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2013 Commission Prices For Art From LLMartin Artistic Services

2013 Price List
Client provides  Digital images
and Copyright approval.
All works above $200.00 require a non refundable
Minimum deposit of 30% down
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for watercolors and
 3 to 9 Months for  Oil Paintings. Depending on Size and detail
In order to keep prices affordable copyrights are not sold with paintings.
Since the images maybe used for fund raising for horse

 and other causes 
please remember to contact the artist for permission to use for other purposes.
Always check the current special before your buy!

Watercolors, Graphite on Paper and Pastel Pencil
5 by 7 inches $75.00
6 by 9 inches   $90.00 
8 by 10 inches  $150.00 
11 by 14 inches $280.00
16 by 20 inches $560.00
18 by 24 inches $770.00 Prices are Basic for one animal or
head portrait with a simple complimentary background
Add 35% per added element, subject or spotted coat pattern.
Please add 50% for person.
Shipping, Handling, Insurance extra.
Quotes available for larger works


 Oils on Canvas
5 by 7 inches $75.00
6 by 9 inches   $175.00
8 by 10 inches  $300.00
11 by 14 inches $500.00
16 by 20 inches $700.00
18 by 24 inches $1000.00
Prices are Basic for one animal
or head portrait with a simple complimentary background
Add 35% per added element, subject or spotted coat pattern.
Please add 50% for person.
Shipping, Handling, Insurance extra.
Quotes available for larger works

Please contact the Artist to place an order: at llmartisticservices@yahoo.com or 
Specials and original work can be purchased through Mustang A Day Challenge Etsy Store

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This week on the Mustang A Day Challenge: Guest Artists Week July 4th-8th

Guest Artists Week
When I begin this project last year, I decided to work into the process several vacation days, as well as Holidays. This Week on the Mustang A Day challenge I will be hosting 4 of my favorite Mustang Artists. These are 4 remarkable women who are daily working at their craft. They all both admire and are dedicated to loving of the Mustangs.

July 4th: Day off!   Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July as we will all Celebrate Independence Day here in the USA!!! 

Day 1: Tuesday July 5th. The first Guest Artist is Karen Mclain has been refining her skills painting  from life out on the range  in Arizona all year and it finally paid off in an amazing way. Not only is she gaining in notoriety and popularity with the Mustang Public, her work has won her national recognition and she was invited to join the prestigious Western Artists of America organization.

Day2: Wednesday July 6th   Oregon equine artist, Michelle Severe. Michelle is an artist and illustrator. One of her more recent collaborations is with  writer and horsewoman Andi Harmon. Michelle illustrated  Andi’s book Oregon's Living Legends. Michelle is going to lead us through her process as she paints one of the most renowned and very special stars from in the Steens Mountain Ranges, a beautiful mare named Charm.
Artist Karen Mclain painting from life a herd of wild horses. Karen will be
among the 4 guest artists on the Mustang A Day Challenge blog this week.
Photo by Becky Standridge
 Day 3: Thursday July 7th  A dear friend of mine living outside of Springfield, Mo. Jennifer Beers is a solid craftsman and a third generation artist. As a single mom she supported herself and her children  with her wood working and wood burning business. These days she is a new grandmother and promotes her product line through etsy and facebook. When she first saw the mustangs of Sand Wash Basin HMA she was inspired by the photography of  wild life photographers and soon collaborated on several projects. And she has more planned in the future.

Day 4: Friday July 8th I have the great pleasure of hosting  Sonya Malecky Spaziani better known a the Cow Girl on Coffee or

This is the cover Art by Michelle Severe for
Oregon's Living Legends by Andi Harmon.
The book is available for sale through
Special Thank you to Andi for the use
of the cover image.
 Mustang Meg to many of her followers on facebook. This amazing artist, also from Oregon, is a  mother,   an extremely entertaining writer, photographer and a wild mustang advocate. As I write this she has just returned from a visit to the Steens Mountain HMA where she and friends spent a few days visiting the famous Kiger Mustangs.


I want to thank all of you wonderful mustang loving women artists for participating in this effort and for giving me a little break from painting. 

The next painting for the Mustang A Day Challenge will be on Monday July11th.  Please stop in an comment this week and make the guest  artists feel welcome.  Happy Trails and Many blessings. ~Linda

Call To Artists:
There are many more Artists out there that paint horses, the west, wildlife and Mustangs. However we only had 4 open Slots this week on the Schedule. So we will be scheduling again on the  first week of  October for the week of Thanksgiving. If you are an artist that paints mustangs please drop me an email at contact@llmartin.com and  I will put you on the schedule.

Stay safe and enjoy the Holiday.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commets and Replys Having Issues on Blogger.

I will be turning off the comments and replys on the Mustang A Day Challenge Blog until Blogger finishes fixing the comment feature.  I among others are unable to comment or reply to the  Challenge Blog or the News Blog. When the issue is resolved the comments features will be turned back on. If you would like to make a comment or ask a question please email me at contact@llmartin.com . I will respond as I am able.

Thank you  for your patience while we wait on resolution of the problem. ~Linda

Update: The trouble only seems to be when you use Explorer but does not affect FireFox. So I will keep the comments on and try to answer everyone on FireFox. If you are having trouble posting comments that is probably the reason.  I hope this helped a bit. Let me know if you are still having trouble. ~Linda

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What The Mustang A Day Challenge is all About and Why I do it ~ Linda L Martin, Artist

Print of Davy Greasewood
Painting # 20 in the challenge
Why I am painting a mustang  a day for a year and beyond.
by Linda L Martin, Artist 

Expressionist Painting of Corona
A pre-painting for the
 Mustang A Day Challenge
by Artist Linda L Martin

Two months beyond the first year of the Mustang  A Day Challenge Project, It has come to my attention that  there are many people new to the project.  I am so glad to have each and everyone of you following the project's daily painting phase.

Many of our new friends and followers don't understand the goals or how it works. So I have updated the information and hope that this will dispel many of the misconceptions and myths surrounding what has become a personal challenge and daily passion for me in supporting Wild Mustang Horses.

I have also decided to include some of my work over the past decade so you can see  the different styles I have worked in. Please enjoy and know that everyone of you is special and much appreciated in your support of this very difficult and amazing challenge adventure that benefits so many Mustangs and the people that love them.

The Mustang A Day Challenge: It's personal!

Abstract expressionist painting
 of wild horse spirits
by Linda L Martin, Artist

The Mustang A Day Challenge was begun as a yearlong  personal painting challenge in which I collaborate with photographers all over the country to put a name to a  face of  a living mustang  every day for 5 days a week except holidays and certain vacations. It has become so popular that I am continuing to paint through out 2012.

The research and organization for the main project began in  the Spring of 2010 and the formal project was Announced in November 2010 to begin December 1st..  The daily painting phase of the project will end formally sometime in January of 2012 after the completion of painting 260.

Mustang A Day Challenge painting #
4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by Artist Linda L Martin
My Purpose and Goal in the Mustang A Day Challenge:

The purpose of this challenge is, first and foremost,  to tell the stories of  Living American Mustangs from every aspect conceivable in a positive way. The Goal is to eventually bring these stories and paintings to a wider audience that is not readily in contact with our legally protected wild horse heritage.

How The Mustang A Day Challenge is set up and who it benefits:

I do sell the paintings to help fund the project.

Alder Hill Farm's Caramel
Mustang a Victim of Orphan Foal Syndrome
oil on canvas board
Painted for the Mustang A Day Challenge
by Artist  Linda L Martin
All of the paintings are done on Spec, except for those that are commissioned directly. When I use the photographs of a collaborating photographers, a portion of the proceeds from the profit ( after expenses) go to the photographer or the non-profit organization that provides the photography. I do this to not because I have to, but because It is my way of giving back to those who are doing something I admire greatly. These are people and groups who are on the front lines helping to solve problems the best way they can by documenting, preserving, helping in adoptions, rescuing  and/ or rehabilitating  Mustangs.

Some people have asked how I determine the amount that is given to individuals and designated non-profits. That figure is individual to the size of the painting and whether I have met the break even point for the month. I'm bound by some new IRS rules for small businesses and if I make that break even point for that month the percentage of the donation is larger. So the amounts are on a case by case basis. Generally, I try to give between 20% and 50% of the profit of Original paintings.

New Foals
by Artist Linda L Martin
Abstract Expressionism
In addition, I help promote these organizations and individuals by getting their stories out. Giving them an additional platform to bring people in to support them and hopefully give them another avenue of outreach that they would not normally have. Organizations and individuals that benefit from the sale of the paintings and have benefited from the promotion tend to cross promote what I’m doing on their blogs and websites and on facebook. Those who don’t tend to loose a great opportunity to help with their own fund raising.

How I am classified the IRS

I am an independent Artist and Writer

I am not now nor have I ever claimed to be non-profit. I have however worked with non-profits in some capacity since 1974. I enjoy doing this sort of promotion and project to help with fund raising and awareness. My most recent activities and more well publicized have been   The Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue 2008-2009, Alder Hill Farm Rescue 2010 - present and Teens Opposing Poverty. The large folk realism painting I did for Teens Opposing poverty is now on tour  at Churches and other locations  throughout Virginia for the remainder of 2011 and will be auctioned off sometime in 2012 with 100% of the proceeds raising money to care and feed homeless through out Virginia and Washington DC.

My Background:

Breakfast Meeting
Folk Realism  Acrylic on Paper
Corporate  Collection
by Artist Linda L Martin
( I just add it because it's a favorite)
 For my background I’ve been a horse painter nearly 40 years now.  As a Natural growth from my art background I became a horse sport event photographer in 1994. I did that almost exclusively for 6 years. I have also been a horse sport feature reporter on and off for the past 18 years. I also hold a BFA in Fine Art.

 I don’t copy photographs per say. I paint for this project in one of two ways:  as a watercolor artist  I paint shadows and light, in which very good photography is most helpful. As an oil painter my work is a little more impressionistic and I tend to sculpt the images with the brush.

I’ve always been some what of an illustrator and with my imagination I’ve never found it necessary to copy or plagiarize other artist’s work.  And my sense of honor forbids it. I have on occasion had other artists copy my work, from time to time, usually for their own learning experience and on one  recent occasion to profit.

I am relatively new to hard core realism. One can see how my skills are refining by starting at the beginning of the Mustang A Day Challenge Blog and viewing  the paintings in comparison with some of the more recent attempts. My main forms of expression have been folk realism, for which I am best known,  impressionism,  and expressionism.

Sunday Brunch
18 by 24 acrylic on paper
by Artist Linda L Martin
The Mustang A Day Challenge project its self took over 9 months to develop before it was announced publicly. Some people met  the announcement with skepticism  mostly because the idea of a  daily painting was so foreign to them. Painting a daily painting in stark realism is one of the most challenging of all types of paintings. Add to that the fact that these are actually portraits of living animals, well the out come even  amazes me sometimes.

How to have a Mustang Painted for the Mustang A Day Challenge:

All you have to do is ask and provide me with the reference photography.  My email is LLMartisticServices@yahoo.com (all lowercase)

Remember when you provide photography you are also responsible to get permission for me to paint from the photo and you are responsible for all fees associate with its use. I will not deliberately infringe on anyone's copyright, so if you didn't take the photo yourself, you  need to provide permission in writing from the photographer before I can begin the painting and include it in the challenge.

8 by 10 Acrylic on Canvas board
Mustang A Day Challenge Painting #2
by Linda L Martin
I am always open to suggestions for the painting of Mustangs and the sharing of their stories. So  far I have only painted the living, except for one little foal that we lost at the Sand Wash Basin HMA this past spring. I do not require anyone to commission a painting if they want their horse included in the challenge, however, If they want to buy the painting I try to keep the size affordable  or use the current special so that  cash strapped trainers and owners can afford to purchase the painting of their horse.

To ensure it the painting fits your budget its always better to communicate with me and commission a painting in a size you can afford. I do take payments for those on a budget.  I will gladly work with anyone who wants to be involved.

Yes, I do paint other commissions as well. The secondary subject focus of my art has always been companion animals and animals frequently seen as a part of Virginia country life.

What is Next for the Mustang A Day Challenge:
(and how you can be involved)

Phase 2 of the Mustang A Day Challenge:

Penny Lane
Mustang Challenge Painting #135
Watercolor on Acrylic Paper
by Linda L Martin
Currently in Virginia Gallery Location
 Currently, I am looking for business and individuals that would  be interested in helping to Sponsor the Traveling exhibit. Part of the tour would be  a special program/ reception to tell the stories of the horses represented in the exhibit. This would also  present to the general public opportunities that are available for them to own mustangs, become involved with their preservation  and  support the activities of some of the more proactive groups that are helping find hands on solutions.

The idea would be to book two traveling art collection tours in 2012 for targeting areas east of the Mississippi that would end in locations near  adoption centers or Mustang Heritage events that could help promote those events. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this phase of the project  please pass the word along  and have them contact me at LLMartisticServices@yahoo.com(all lowercase)   please write Traveling Exhibit in the subject line.

I just found out yesterday that in addition to  Tennessee that there are plans for a major Mustang event possibly in New Jersey or another area in the North East  as well. These are in addition to regular TIP and BLM Auction events. All of these TBA.

Thank you for reading the update and please feel free to email me your questions.
Very Sincerely,  Linda L Martin Artist

Here is a current list of Organizations that  benefit from sale of specific Mustang A Day Challenge paintings.When the items are listed for sale there will be a statement saying that a portion of the proceeds are designated for that  organization or a specific individual  photographer :

Mustang Heritage Foundation
International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros
Nancy Roberts and the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Club
Mustang U 
Alder Hill Farm Rescue
*note some of the above mentioned organizations are pending donations waiting for the designated paintings to sell. Once a buyer comes forward a portion of the proceeds, after expenses will be donated directly to the organization. Also not all organizations are listed that receive donations. Generally lessor known /one time designations are not listed above.

Monday, June 13, 2011

This week on Mustang A Day Challenge: "Father's Day on Sand Wash Basin HMA" June 13th-17th

Coming this week: June 13th through June 17th
Starting Monday June 13th:  Fathers Day on Sand Wash Basin HMA
 Tuesday June 14th: Celebrating the Halfway point of the Mustang A Day Challenge with painting #130 and a special give away.
June 14th through June 17th: "Father's Day on the Sand Wash Basin HMA continues"
June 16th Voting ends for the Shadows Contest on  Fine Art America
Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Art Contest Results,
FT Collins EMM results,
The Mustang A Day Challenge  HALFWAY Giveaway info
Newest Listings on Etsy and Fine Art America

Fathers Day Week on Sand Wash Basin HMA

Vegas and Daughter China
Sand Wash Basin HMA

This week on the Mustang A Day Challenge are paintings celebrating Father’s Day.  Just wait until you see. Three Photographers are  collaborating on this one. Its going to be so much fun!
Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Art Contest Results,
Here are both of my entries for the Art Contest. I didn’t win this time however I have a better understanding of what they are looking for and I made a new Artist Friend that I will tell you about later in the project.

FT Collins Makeover Results:

Team R&M Performance Horse
L to R   Watson, Robert, Madeleine

Saturday was the last day of the final competition for Watson and Tango in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. One last painting of the two will close the door on their series. I’m going to miss painting Tango and Watson. According to Robert Carlson Tango missed the finals by one point. He was adopted to be the working mount of a Park Ranger in Wyoming. I have a feeling Tango is going to love being back in the wide open spaces.

Watson was the real surprise. Robert Rode him to a 7th place finish but wowed the gathering by bringing  a whopping $5400.00 in the adoption auction. He was the highest bid horse of the entire proceedings times 3 according to photographer A. Spivey who was there photographing the event. Madeleine and Tango came in a very respectable 12 out of 40. Tango is going to his new home as a park ranger horse in Wyoming

Next week I start painting the R&M Mustang Program’s  Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover horses.
You can see photos and videos from the Ft Collins event on the EMM page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Extreme-Mustang-Makeover/65575491400 
You can see photos of Watson and Tango and their trainers  at the event on the R&M Mustang Program page and on Lightening Bug Creek Photos.

Newly Listed on Etsy:
"Looking Forward"
Madeleine LeClerc and Tango
Now Prints Available on Fine Art America
Prints are framed or unframed
Click Here to Purchase
All of the Finished Original Mustang A Day Challenge  FT Collins Paintings of  R&M Mustang Program horses Tango and Watson are now on ETSY.  A portion of the sale goes to  the Mustang Heritage Foundation for their programs. http://www.etsy.com/shop/MustangADayChallenge

You can also purchase prints of all the Ft. Collins Paintings on Fine Art America http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/linda-l-martin.html?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=73886 

Celebrating the Half way point in the Mustang A Day Challenge:
On Tuesday of this week I will reach painting #130 in the Mustang A Day Challenge. To celebrate I was planning a give away to start Saturday and run through the drawing time on Tuesday. The first 20 to type in HALFWAY on the page would be entered in the drawing.

Well a surprising thing happened. In the first 7 hours of the giveaway we had over 28 entries. Since the rules stated I had to close the entries at 20, I decided to hold a second chance give away. So here are the rules for the Second Chance drawing.
Second Chance drawing (HALFWAY give away winner not eligible)
SECOND CHANCE GIVEAWAY!!!  Due to the popularity of the HALFWAY GIVEAWAY. This giveaway is for ONE 5 by 7 inch, no background painting, winners provide photography within 24 hours of winners posted. To participate simply type in "MeeToo" on my page http://www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist or the  here on the blog 
More details below:

*One painting given away for every 20 people that enter (up to 80 entries). All entries from the HALFWAY Giveaway are automatically entered except the winner.
*Drawings are held Tues June 14th after 5pm EDST. Watch this space for more info.
*The paintings and the stories of the horses will be posted on the Mustang A Day Challenge blog for Winners week  TBA
*Here is the link to post your entries www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist