Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just Released: The Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Poster

Poster: 24x36, $30.- plus shipping, to order contact:
Gabriele Moritz :
The Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses  Poster: The collaborative effort of 4 artist and one Mustang Make over participant and Enthusiast.
What are the Odds that 2 Artists and 2  Photographers, who are completely unconnected, and didn’t even know of each other, would all simultaneously begin to produce artistic out comes on the same subject matter at the same time.  Well, according to my art professor at University in the 1970’s its not all that uncommon. He warned us not to think so highly of our selves that we think we are the only one. He told us, once we settle into the idea that we are the first and the original, probably someone in Japan  or Europe is thinking of it at the same time.
Enter Nancy Roberts. Nancy is  a horse watcher, photo documentor who is  so passionate about the Horses at Sand Wash Basin HMA(SWB) that she inspires people to follow the drama of every day life of the SWB Herd. Her following on Face book has now Surpassed 2000 and she is currently raising money to  organize a Club of followers that will help her fund her on going activities.
My involvement with Nancy actually started when she ran an impromptu naming contest  for a particularly aggressive bachelor Stallion. I suggested JimmyDarksand.  And thus the name was accepted with two variations of  Jimmy or JimmyBlacksand  which all fit him quite well. I was hooked!
It wasn’t long before I began to visit the page not daily,but multiple times daily, just waiting on news and stories about the horses that were drawing at my heart.  Previous to that I was trying to figure out direction and had decided that If Nancy agreed, I would begin painting the horses so people other places could see and understand , putting a name with a face to make them more real to people far from The SWB. My project was delayed by 6 months because of  a  graphic design class I was involved with.
Then one day out of a clear blue sky Melody Perez, also from the East Coast, but newly located to Colorado contacted me on Facebook. I will never forget my first meeting with her because It was a bit surprising.  Melody and I had so much in common it was strange. We were both  artists, teachers, musicians, prophetic artists and loved and had a passion for horses. Because of the delays due to my other commitments and it took me most of October and November to  prep the marketing  set up. I wasn’t ready to announce my project so  I never went into any details with Melody about what horses I was painting or when, or even that It was going to be a painting a daily challenge.
We have some major style differences. Melody has about the best color pallet control I’ve ever seen in paintings. She works large and bold. There is strength,  aggression, beauty and courage in every brush stroke she puts to the canvas. She takes Expressive Realism to the next level. In days to come, I expect that not only will she make an impression locally in the region of the SWB, but she will probably come into her own as an International artist.
For myself ,right now I work in small format, coming from a Folk-Realism and Impressionism background my paintings are softer, more intimately  and emotionally connected and my color is a bit provocative to intimacy.  I want to express these feelings with color and light and form and shape that the everyday person  can feel good, feel hope,  simply be blessed and mostly feel that they too can be a part of the solution. As a 40 year veteran artist who specializes in alternative venues, my work is already in collections all over the world on every continent even though I am not known well, I do have a very strong cult following of passionate collectors.
 Two different Artists; Two different perspectives, both out of passion. In fact the thing the four of us seem to have in common is Passion; Passion for the wild horses of the Sand Wash Basin, Colorado.
It was Airline Pilot and Mustang Makeover Competitor Gabriele Moritz that noticed it all developing. She saw an opportunity to bring the wild horses to the forefront with a Collaborative Collection made into a poster of The Sand Wash Basin HMA Wild Horses.  Gabriele brought in Lourie  Zipf ,an amazing professional photographer and graphic designer who also loves the Sand Wash Basin Herd  and also spends hours out there photographing them. Gabriele working with Lourie’s skill put together the design. The out come is an Amazing Collaborative effort that brings people a snapshot of life on  the SWB in a way that showcases the artistic endeavors of the 4 of us:  Nancy Roberts, Photographer, Melody Perez  Painter,  Lourie Zipf, Photographer,   and myself  Linda Martin, Artist.
And thus we have this amazing collaborative effort. Thanks to everyone involved.
You can order a copy of the poster by contacting Gabriele Moritz  through her email: Please make sure to refer to the Sand Wash Basin Horses Poster on the  subject line.
A portion of the proceeds of this project will benefit the Sand Wash Basin Horses.

Please Join us on Facebook at the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Club Page: Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses On Facebook