Thursday, March 10, 2011

Announcing the Collaboration: Linda Martin and Lightning Bug Creek Photography for the 2011 Fort Collins Mustang Makeover

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event as well as the auction.

It’s such an exciting time! This week, on Friday, the competitors for the Fort Collins, Colorado Mustang Makeover converge on several locations through out the west to  pick up their horses. I will be collaborating  with photographer Amy Spivey  of  Lightning Bug Creek Photography  to paint  the Makeover horses assigned to   Madeleine LeClerc  and  Robert Carlson  as they go through the 100 day process of  taking a wild horse, taming it, training it and competing with it,  to make it more adoptable.
So what is the Mustang Makeover?
Basically it is a way to take older mustangs, give them some basic handling and training ,then show case them before the world. The goal is to help make the older horses  easier to handle then find new owners willing to purchase them, continue their training and provide them with a good home. This  event was especially set up to target older horses that are more difficult to adopt and thus give them an opportunity to be  matched up with good homes.
At the end of the 100 day period the horses are then  shown in a special competition.  All the horses are then auctioned off to the highest bidder on the final day.
To find out more about the Mustang Makeover events  you can go to their website: Extreme Mustang Makeover:
To find out about all the events and activities of the Mustang Heritage Foundation go here:
 Madeleine  LeClerc will be blogging about her training experience  and once the blog is  up and going we will link in here. In the mean time you can check out  Madeleine and Roberts website