Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This week on Mustang A Day Challenge

The Black Horses of the Sand Wash Basin. I’ve chosen 4 of the Most Beautiful Sand Wash Basin HMA Black Horses for this week’s Challenge Paintings.
Plus we will be having our first collaboration painting with Lightning Bug Creek Photography of the Fort Collins Mustang Makeover horses being trained by Madeleine LeClerc and Robert Carlson.  As of this posting we don’t have names yet but they are two gorgeous bays.
Robert Carlson and Madeliene LeClerc on
Pick-up Day in Oklahoma picking up their
Fort Collins Mustang Makeover Horses
Just a note about Spring postings: where I live in the Piedmont of Virginia, just an hour south of Washington DC, we are prone to violent Thunderstorms and sometimes very high winds and even tornados in the Spring. In the Fall we are on the east side of the Mountains and sometimes a hurricane will come up the Chesapeake Bay and follow one of our many rivers inland. The power surges caused by these storms can wreak havoc with routers and computers. As a result during these spring storms I maybe be posting the Challenge Art a day or two late depending when I can get back on line safely.