Monday, January 2, 2012

Mustang A Day Challenge Stats for 2010-2011

Someone asked me recently if I had reached my goal with the Mustang A Day Challenge. I will let you be the judge. 
The Goal was to paint 260 mustangs in one year, tell some of their stories and put a name to a face of each living mustang I painted.
" Stylin' "
Wild Flower and Wild Wind
of Sand Wash Basin HMA
Challenge Painting #44

During the time  from December 1st , 2010 to December 31st 2011 I painted 300 equines for the Challenge in 244 paintings.

285 Living Mustangs either in the wild or in captivity were painted during that time.

5 of the horses (not including Monet from Sand Wash Basin) were domestics.
11 were wild burros.
13 were Colonial Mustangs from the East Coast.
5 were wild highland ponies from Virginia.
2 of the mustangs, living this year in the wild, were painted in memorial after they had died in the wild.
5 guest Artists participated during the 4th of July week and 2 guest artists participated during the Thanksgivng week and 2 guest artists participated during the Christmas Holiday week.

So what is coming for the Mustang A Day Challenge in 2012?
Apache Mustang
Challenge Painting #210
 I will still be painting Mustangs, as well as rescued horses. I will be doing larger oil paintings this year with the goal of doing one completed oil painting a week of Mustangs for 22 weeks beginning in February. Watch this space for more information to come. Plus I hope to have some interesting surprises to announce later in the year.

If you are currently on the schedule to have your horse painted in the challenge, It is on going until I finish all that are on the schedule.  Contact me if you submitted photographs and you haven’t seen the painting on the Mustang A Day Blog by January 31, 2012. I will paint them all.

Sanctuary Mustang At Alder Hill Farm
Challenge Painting #143
2012 is going to be a very exciting year. I cant wait to share the new paintings with you. Blessings to you and yours and a very Happy New Year!!
If you would like to commission me to paint a painting of your mustang please contact me at my work email:

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