Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrating 30,000 Views on the Mustang A Day Challenge Blog! And NEW BooK: Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin

Well everyone is all excited about the new book by Patrick F. Brennan Jr., Joe Tosh & John Wagner that will be released on November 1st. In the midst of the promotion  and after painting my artistic interpretation of one of Joe Tosh's photos for inclusion in the project, well, my blog topped 30,000 views.( you can see it here: http://mustangadaychallenge.blogspot.com/ )So in grateful thanks to all who helped get me there I decided to have the 30THOU Giveaway celebrating the accomplishment.

This is a very special print. It is not simply a print but a signed artist's proof of the painting " Run Little Horse"  Brave Chasing Apache. The print is sized at 8.5 by 11 inches  It signed by me and verified as an artist proof and includes the Mustang A Day Challenge Painting number and title on it.
The signed artist proof to be the 30THOU giveaway prize.

The give away ends on October 17th at 5 pm with the winner to be announced  the evening of Thursday October 18th

Here is how to enter the Giveaway:

step1: type in 30THOU in the comment section on This post or on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist
step2: share with your friends.
step 3: Drawing at 10PM on Wednesday Oct 17, 2012
1 WINNER on this drawing.


More News About the New Book: Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin
(click the image to view larger )

*Sidelines Magazine October 20th:
Patrick Brennan will be featured in a full length article in Sidelines Magazine, a national equestrian magazine published in the US and Canada. The Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin book will be mentioned prominently in that article. The story will be in their November issue – due out on October 20th, 2012.

*Book Release for Online Sales November 1st, 2012:
(click image to view larger)
There will be no pre-ordering of the book, it will be available online only through Blurb.com. A price has not yet been determined. It is expected to be in the $30 to $35 range- but that is just an estimate at his point.  The official blurb.com link for the book will be posted on Patrick Brennan Website www.blackhatphoto.us  and there will also be a Face Book page put up by the authors by November 1st  that will be dedicated to the book and will have the direct blurb.com link for the book posted there.

Blogger's Note: Please share this information with all of your horse loving friends. The book is being released in enough time to give it as a Christmas Gift or to add to your own collection. Its going to be amazing!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Disaster in the Making: The Face of the Equine Market in the USA Changed over the Weekend

Right now there is a lot of panic and white noise regarding the horse market in the USA. People are concerned, not only on how it will affect Wild Horses, but also how horses in the general population will make it through the winter in this economy. Because of fires, drought and the economy there are just too many horses and not enough feed and resources in many places. It is normal for many ranches and farms to lessen the number of stock horses they need to feed through the winter to reduce the financial burden. However there are just not enough buyers at this time.

This all came about on Friday October 12 with the much expected announcement by the European Union (EU) that no longer would horse  meat from the USA be accepted for import. This has been the more seamy side of the horse industry for generations with horse owners, activist and advocates split in the US as to if it should or should not be. This is especially because of the more seamy side of the industry, slaughter for human consumption.  Its not widely accepted in the USA, however eating horse meat is well accepted in some European and Asian countries.

 It was confirmed  through friends in the North West,  last night,that the auction prices have dropped significantly since the October 12th announcement that the market for US horses is completely closed  to” Kill Buyers” in Canada. as the EU has banned the import of horses from the USA. Horses slaughtered from the USA in both Canada and Mexico have been banned because the management of horses here does not meet the minimum EU  health standards for slaughter in those countries. The Bottom has basically dropped out of the market. And low end horses with no  specific in demand training or breeding are worthless on a monetary level. However I was also told that some really nice useful horses were no sales or going for less than $75 a head. Not a good prospect for horses that one has invested thousands of dollars in training and raising. One estimate I was given was that up until this weekend between 4,000 and 5,000 domestic US horses were disappearing over the boarder in any given week.

What was shocking is that at one sale,according to one of my sources, 11 horses went to Mexico for $200 total and no one stepped up to the plate to rescue them. That is less than $20 a head.One estimate I was given was that up until this weekend between 4,000 and 5,000 domestic US horses were disappearing over the boarder in any given week. The question remains if they arent going over the boarder what happens to them now? Because of lack of resources or foster care only about 10% of those animals were able to be saved through rescue in any given year.

 I have a contact in the  industry that follows the trends.  His business is auctioneer and encompasses all levels of the market but he is focused on  the specialty market. 

Tim Jennings is from the family of Auctioneers in Virginia that  goes at least 3 generations back.  Tim is in demand through out the region and country for his skills as auctioneer of Bloodstock and Top of the line AQHA horses. He also has the distinction of having been Auctioneer for the Chincoteague Pony sale for  a number of years.

I asked Tim to comment on the situation and this is his response in its entirety.:
“Supply and Demand.

I'm not surprised that the EU market was closed to US horses. I have heard rumors (unconfirmed) about feed lots for horses that were being established in some of the former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe. IF that's the case, they can control their intake thereby eliminating any contamination from pharmaceuticals AND dramatically cut shipping costs to market. If the supply is sufficient from these commercial operations then there is no need to risk taking contaminated product from Canada and Mexico.
The biggest issue we face is the weakened demand at the mid to lower level of the market. Horses in this country are a luxury item. The costs to keep, maintain and compete with them have risen while disposable income has dried up. That being said, there seems to be a modest recovery underway at that level of the industry. This in another indicator that the recovery is picking up momentum and seems to be moving at the same pace as lowering unemployment, dropping foreclosures and rising housing starts. When the middle/working class sees substantial recovery, there should be a corresponding rebound a this level.
Supply is still dropping in most breeds and will continue to do so until demand rises. AQHA registrations for 2012 are at half of their peak level in 2006. The Jockey club projects 22,500 live foals in 2012 down from a peak of 36,000. Quality breeders who know their market can still succeed but they must be aware of what the markets want.
If you look at auction results at every level, you will see that "useful" to "exceptional" horses are selling quite well. Horses with no perceived use are still very difficult to sell.”

I am sharing this with you all not incite or anger people or to create more controversy but to bring to light what is actually going on and to hopefully provoke a discussion to come to some humane and realistic solutions that do not include the abandonment or whole sale killing of  the horses that are in jeopardy here.

Remember most of us have known for  several years that the EU was tightening this market. We actually tried to tell people and it seemed to fall on deaf ears. What is interesting is that without  slaughter  options low end horses are now at the same level of value as those same horse in the 1970s before the effects of the Wild Horse and Burro act was felt on the general population of the American domestic horse market.

Right now we need real solutions. This is a true opportunity for some, who will build businesses using horses and improve the economy without turning to the easy way out.  To some the easy way out is to kill all the those perceived to be excess. To kill all those healthy useful horses, to me would be a terrible  waste of life and history.  To me to create a situation where the less than perfect horses are dumped to starve and go un cared for is unthinkable. Marketing and education about specialty horses like the American Mustang needs to be ramped up and those horses need to be able to connect with the general population of the American public even in the cities.  Who will get creative?

So lets walk away from finger pointing and accusation. This situation needs real solutions now, not  rage or lip service. It is what it is! Now what are we going to do to make something out of this that saves horses, saves  heritage, saves people and builds a strong  economy for our horses that is bomb proof against more of the same? Please share and lets work together to fix this situation.

Note: If you decide to copy and share please share this in its entirety.  Do not alter in any way This is copyrighted. Copyright©2012 LindaLMartin  All North and South American, World and Electronic Rights Reserved  Editors and Publications  please contact me for written permission: info@llmartin.com

Update:5pm Monday October 15th 2012:
The news has come through that the boarders were never completely closed; but that a certain slaughter house was turning away horses because of possible inaccurate and incomplete paper work required by the EU for the resale and importation of the horses. Rather than get caught over the boarder with load after load of  horses and be stuck with them, it is believed the transporters may have ceased  carrying until it was sorted out. According to one report from Billings Montana, their sales are up and doing fine. All sales scheduled will be held as planned. From Pennsylvania the new shipments will be delayed until tomorrow. The point here is  that the market for horses is very fragile and the low-end horses are still very much at risk. This is a wake up call for anyone and every one dealing with horses at the moderate and low end of the market, be they rescues, riding schools, private owners. The potential for a lot of abandoned horses is still very much as real a threat as that which comes from horses being purchased and shipped to slaughter for consumption in Europe. 
If the EU through Canada and Russia through Mexico pull the plug we could see surplus numbers too great to deal with.

From my vantage point as an advocate for horses in general and a advocate for mustangs in specific this is a very bad situation and we need to come up with some better opportunities and solutions fast. If you would like to share Ideas please email me. Thanks ~Linda

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Adoptions Paintings Start September 11th 2012

Internet Adoptions Of Living Wild Horses: I am just finishing up a great week of paintings of the wild horses currently offered on the Eastern States Internet Adoption. There is still time to place your bids if you are an approved bidder. All bids will be closed for this round at noon Central time on Wednesday.
One of the horses painted from the
Eastern States Internet Adoption.
See more on my blog:

Here is how to adopt: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/howtoadopt.php

To see the currently offered horses please go to this link: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/onlinegallery.php

If you see a horse that you want that hasn't been  adopted and you missed the deadline get the number of the animal and contact the person listed in the specific horse's page. The contact can tell you if the horse is still available for adoption or tell you of other horses that might be available.

Starting Tuesday September 11th I will begin Painting Happy Adoptions. These are mustangs or other wild horses that have been adopted into happy homes and are now owned by private citizens.The schedule is all filled up for  September. However I am scheduling for October now. If you would like your horse painted please email me  at  llmartisticservices@yahoo.com with 3 to 6 clear photos and a short story telling where you got your mustang, where he was captured, how long you have had him and about a special experience between you and the animal.  Please don't forget to include your name and the horse's name.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Available Now For Christmas 2012

Original Painting of Corona
Painting #7 from the Challenge
I just discovered that I have prints and originals of 30 of the Sand Wash Basin Stallions including Cherokee, Picasso, Corona and Lightning and many more. Its a perfect time to put your reserves in for Christmas.

Also, If you don't see your favorite mustang among the collection I will gladly allow you to commission your favorite Sand Wash Basin Horse if you don't see it. I give a portion of every sale to help support the documentation of the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses. http://www.etsy.com/Shop/MustangADayChallenge 
Original Painting of Lightning
Challenge Painting #6
Please commission your paintings before October 1, 2012. Be sure to reserve your space now to make sure your item is finished and shipped in time for Christmas. 
I have 11 openings on August 19th.
For more information on how to commission an original painting contact me at info@llmartin.com

Cherokee Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin
Painting #326

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Project Happening Directly from Mustang A Day Challenge

Brand New project coming directly from the results of being involved with the Mustang A Day Challenge: The Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project!

You can read more about it here: The Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project

This is an amazing project!

The goal is to develop a place in the Mid-Atlantic region that offers adoption support for anyone adopting a wild horse and also offers a wild horse specific facility to help non-profits and rescues with untrained and un-handled wild horses and also to provide a wild horse specific location centered in the Mid-Atlantic States in Virginia, that will act as a temporary rest stop or layover facility that caters specifically to mustangs and other wild horses to get to their adoptive, sanctuary and/or forever homes.

who loves  horses on the East Coast should want to be involved In This Project!
Spirit before he was shipped to
Sanctuary . This was taken at his home
paddock in Delaware.

Why we are doing it:  Remember Spirit the horse we were fundraising for in March?  A group of tireless volunteers and donaters helped to get him and his son to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Yet there are many more wild horses some where in the region, tucked away in the hidden places. Another stallion that has been in a 400 by 400 BLM approved pen for his entire adopted life. He is standing almost knee deep in mud during rainy season. He is alone with no companionship. His feet are not trimmed. He has basic feed  but not other health care. He and his owners need the help the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project could provide for them. Remember it probably isn't that they don't love the horse; its that they really don't know what to do to change the situation. YOU CAN HELP. Become involved in this project now.
Buy the Ladies Summer Tank Top Here:
Mustangs: American Made
Here is what you can do to help now!
We need Grass Roots help in talking up the project and sharing the information and we need help in selling the products that will help us raise the money to get this project off the ground and form a non-profit.
At some point we will be taking donations too but for right now we will sell the shirts and other gift items to raise the money to start the project.

Buy the Woman's Summer Tank Top Here:
Born Free-Live Wild
These two items are ready right now !Lets Share them with our friends and get our friends and their firends to share them too until we get the word out all over the Eastern States! These horses are History Worth Preserving.

"What I am doing is committing a portion of every royalty I get from these designs to The Mid-Atlantic Wild Horses Project."~ Linda L Martin Artist
What can you do to help us get it going?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Auction For Texas Wild Burros Starts Today.

Item #18
On the Move
Original Watercolor
8.5 by 11 inches
Opening Bid $150.00
50% of Winning Bid to be donated.
18 items are now listed on my Facebook page:  Linda L.Martin Affordable Animal Portraits and Art  Anyone may bid on  the items over the next 7 days.  The Auction begins at 5pm EST now and ends at 5pm EST on Wednesday May 2.

A portion of each winning bid will be donated to the preservation work for Texas Wild Burros  through The Wild Burro Protection League operating under Todd Mission Rescue.

Item # 9
In his Mother’s Shadow Signed Print
8.5 by 11 inches
Opening Bid $17.00
50% of Winning Bid to be Donated

All Items in this auction are originals and prints from original work by artist Linda L Martin. They were painted to bring awareness of the plight of the Wild Burros of Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas and the efforts to preserve these wonderful symbols of Historic Texas.

Please place your bids In $1.00 increments under the picture of the item you are bidding on.(If you decide to bid please message me you email address so that if you win I can contact you via email so you can make payment.) Please do not bid if you have unpaid items on other auctions.

Payment is expected with in 48 hours of auction end unless prior arrangements have been made.

Copyrights are not sold with the auctions.

Item #10
Spring in Texas
8 Blank Note Cards 8 Envelops
4-3/4 by 5-3/4 inches
Opening Bid: $9.00
10% of Winning Bid to be donated

Shipping and Handling is $5.00 in the USA for the first item $3.00 per item after.
Shipping and Handling is $7.00 to all other countries for first item $ 3.00 per item after.

Bids may also be made via email to llmartisticservices@yahoo.com
Be sure to include the number and name of item you want to bid on with your bid amount.

Please direct any questions to email llmartisticservices@yahoo.com Thank- you for your bids.

Please Direct all Bids here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150743397873585.413579.61141573584&type=1

Friday, April 20, 2012

What Adopting a Mustang is Really All About

This week I have been painting some of the wild horses being offered for adoption over the Internet  by the BLM in hopes of helping to get some of them adopted. There are some amazingly beautiful animals and well handled ones too. Anything I can do to help preserve, protect, help adopt, or anything positive in dealing with Wild Horse issues I will do.

 Everyone who loves these mustangs has the same concerns about them. Over all we are worried about what will happen to all those 35,000 plus horses that  are in Long Term Sanctuaries also known as BLM funded Long Term Holding Facilities and what will happen to the horses that are adopted into situations where they aren't handled at all or are put a risk because people find themselves inadvertently in financial crisis and cant keep their horses any longer.

We find ourselves in a quandary, the underdog, the ones who are trying to break in to the already competitive big money breeders retailing Horse industry. We continually seem to be trying to convince people that mustangs aren't culls, castoffs and useless animals.. and we are right to do so. Truthfully this isn't working for either us or the horses( and burros and mules) that are running wild and protected through the Wild Horse and Burro Act. And those wild horses not protected by the act are even more at jeopardy.

I wrote the following and posted it to a group I am in on facebook advocating for mustangs.

Maybe we are looking at this from the wrong direction. I don't think its a positive thing to always be comparing Mustangs with any breed or domestic horse... its like saying the cheaper generic brand is just as good as the original thing.

I don't think we should compare Mustangs with other breeds. Thats where it falls down. Mustangs are a unique living history of our country. Every time someone does a DNA test on a mustang it tells you things.. about the people who settled our nation and about different events in history.

You don't go into a dog show and judge a poodle by the standard for a Doberman. You judge poodles by other poodles or you judge different dog breeds against a test of skill. Even in best of breed or Supreme grand champion you don't judge an Arabian against an Appy. You judge them against the breed standard for the breed they represent.The one with the highest score is the winner.

What we should be selling is the uniqueness of owning a piece of living history, the adventure of finding a connection with a wild animal that far surpasses anything in a book or movie, Owning a mustang is more than owning a horse; It is owning an adventure. Its traveling down a path that is going to teach you not only about a horse that can think for its self and problem solve but it will teach you about yourself. All of our support development for new owners and trainers and all of our marketing for the horses and potential first time buyers should be along this line.

We who have trained mustangs( I haven't) and we who have friends who have worked with mustangs right off the range (I have) know that working with a mustang after having worked with any sort of domestic range bred or fancy breeding farm bred horse is a completely different ball game.

People need to know that they are getting something special and unique, that has an interesting history that will wrap them up in the imagination of experiences and yes the mystery and ambiance of the old west, the pioneers, those who made it through wars, economic disasters, natural calamities. Mustangs are not just horses they are America.

Yes of course you can do almost anything with a mustang that you can do with another horse with patience and hard work but that isn't the point. The point is as long as we compare a mustang with every other domestic horse out their all we have is a horse but if we let mustangs come into the market place and stand on their own merit then we have something special, unique and completely sell-able that with a tweak or two in marketing and owner support will bring about a high demand.

Lets face it people in this country are still making emotional purchases and if we can show them how to maintain these guys and develop relationships with them we will have successful adoptions.

IMO we have to change the insecure bad self image way we talk about them and talk about them, especially to the outside as being something worth having, worth paying the feeds bills for , worth the time and effort to train. etc. All the "bad self talk" and defensiveness is going to take time to over come regarding Mustangs ... I don't think we have time to waste.

Note: Please feel free to share this link with anyone interested in owning or adopting or helping others become wild horse owners but do not post with out giving me credit. Please do not  copy, use or other wise publish this with out express written permission All North and South American,  World and Electronic Rights Reserved  copyright©2012 LindaLMartin

You may contact me through email  with questions and comments : llmartisticservices@yahoo.com

Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrating 300 paintings On the Mustang A Day Challenge!

Yep its another Giveaway! I love this part of my job so much, hehehe! Winner will receive a signed 5 by 7 inches print of  " In His Mother's Shadow"  How to enter?

Winner Gets a Signed
5" by 7" print
of this Painting:
In His Mother's Shadow

Here is the code: GIVE300

Post on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LindaLMartinArtist
Post here in the comment section under this post
Post in an email to: llmartisticservices@yahoo.com

 You have 24 hours from 5pm Monday April 16th until 5pm Tuesday April 17th to enter.
Eastern Daylight Time of course! One entry per person, please

Let the Party begin!!

Remember the winner has 24 hours to respond once the announcement is made or they forfeit their prize.

Monday, April 9, 2012

So How Long Does it Take to Receive My Painting

So How long does it take to receive my painting once I have ordered it?

A lot of people think that since I am painting a mustang a day challenge that it means that I will be able to paint their painting and have it mailed out within 24 hours. The truth is a little different. While its true that I can very often paint a painting a day, I usually cant paint two paintings a day.  So I have a schedule.

Usually, I have the schedule set up on a 6 weeks rotation. Meaning, I usually plan 6 weeks in advance. So if you want your horse on the Mustang schedule the sooner the photography is submitted the sooner you can get on the schedule. This usually goes on a first come first served basis. I generally paint 10 to 15 owner mustangs in a month however not everyone buys their painting immediately. Sometimes its might be a month or two, especially if the owner is in the midst of a training rotation for the EMM or SEMM competitions.

Also In the middle of painting the “happy” mustangs I am also painting for charities. So at least two weeks out of the year I am painting for a worthy wild equine cause to help them widen their audience and show case their efforts at preservation, adoption, rehabilitation and rescue.

What if I have a horse or pet that is not in the Mustang A Day Challenge?

Commissioned work is usually done on off days.  So I have about 4 to 6 days a month that I can schedule commissioned paintings. These paintings are on a 6 to 8 weeks production schedule. So generally when your photography is submitted and your payment clears that is when the 6 weeks begins. Most of the time the turnaround is quite a bit quicker. However, if you contact me and don’t submit your photography or your payment doesn’t clear right away that will delay the speed at which I can finish your painting and mail it to you.

What are other things that might delay my painting?

Well aside from an act of God or War right now the gas prices are limiting my trips to the post office to one day a week.

Payment by check will also delay your painting from getting to you. With my bank even if it clears your bank in 5 days, my bank will not officially clear a personal check in less than 30 days. This is why I prefer PayPal as the payment is cleared in less than 12 hours if there is already money in the account.
If your money has to clear PayPal, it will take about a week longer than usual. Paintings are not shipped unless the money is cleared since so many of my clients are out of state and overseas.

Some people have suggested that I change banks however I think the inconvenience is worth it since my bank is one of the few in the country that didn’t need a bail out when all the other banks did. And money that they were forced to take they paid back almost immediately. That gives me a lot of confidence in that bank and the way they manage my accounts and protect my money and yours in our transactions.

Incorrect or partial names, incorrect addresses and no email address are other things that can delay communication with potential clients and keep you from receiving the beautiful painting you have ordered.

Another thing that will speed up your shipment is using a properly filled out postal money order. That money can be cashed immediately.
 I also accept Credit Union or Western Union Money Orders. However be advised that these take 5 days to clear my bank. There has been a problems with fraud in the use of these types of  money orders in the past so my bank verifies them  before they accept them.

 If any type of money order is rejected by the bank or post office your purchase will be delayed.

What if I want my painting faster?
The best way to assure that you receive your painting quickly is to make sure your payment arrives in full as quick as possible, that your photography is received and in the right format and size, and that you approve any sketches for larger paintings as soon as possible. Your 6 to 8 weeks doesn’t begin until all money, photos and approved sketches are received by the artist.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
If you have more or need to follow-up on a painting you have commissioned or have on the schedule for the Mustang A Day Challenge please email me at:


All correspondence should be directed to this address.