Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Adoptions Paintings Start September 11th 2012

Internet Adoptions Of Living Wild Horses: I am just finishing up a great week of paintings of the wild horses currently offered on the Eastern States Internet Adoption. There is still time to place your bids if you are an approved bidder. All bids will be closed for this round at noon Central time on Wednesday.
One of the horses painted from the
Eastern States Internet Adoption.
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Here is how to adopt:

To see the currently offered horses please go to this link:

If you see a horse that you want that hasn't been  adopted and you missed the deadline get the number of the animal and contact the person listed in the specific horse's page. The contact can tell you if the horse is still available for adoption or tell you of other horses that might be available.

Starting Tuesday September 11th I will begin Painting Happy Adoptions. These are mustangs or other wild horses that have been adopted into happy homes and are now owned by private citizens.The schedule is all filled up for  September. However I am scheduling for October now. If you would like your horse painted please email me  at with 3 to 6 clear photos and a short story telling where you got your mustang, where he was captured, how long you have had him and about a special experience between you and the animal.  Please don't forget to include your name and the horse's name.