Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Painting Schedule For the Mustang A Day Challenge July and August 2013

The Mustang A Day Challenge is not over! Many people think the Mustang A Day Challenge is over. It is not. However, I will be doing a modified schedule for a while.

Its hard to believe that its been 5 weeks since I've been able to post any new paintings for the Mustang A Day Challenge. Actually its been a pretty challenging two months. I was diagnose with Lyme in late May and my last image for The Mustang A Day Challenge was uploaded on to the blog on June 20th. That was image 430.
Challenge painting #431
"Across Lava Rocks"
Watercolor by LindaLMartin

Well today I uploaded painting # 431! And this after not being able to paint for a few weeks while I stayed on steady antibiotic therapy for 28 days. On the 10th of August I will begin Physical Therapy to try to keep my affected joints from undermining me. I know this really isnt what you want to know about. You want to know when the next paintings are coming out.

Well Here is the Plan:

I have 4 more Virginia Range paintings with the help of Mikel Ann Hettrick and Anne Hall. Then I have two amazing mustangs (who's names will not be revealed until I actually paint them , however, I am really excited that their owners approached me.)  That should get us through the end of July.

Coming in August I will be painting  A number of Kigers from Riddle Mountain and Kiger Range HMAs Thanks to the Branded Kiger Association and a number of Kiger wild horse owners.  Plus More of the Alberta Wild Horses are on tap too.

Some Sand Wash Basin Wild horses of course will be on the schedule. Then a Surprise herd that is becoming very popular through out the USA that many are hoping will soon have protection.

Prints and Art Cards will be available on both etsy and ebay as well as the originals. Limited edition signed art cards will also be available for fund raising purposes. More to come on the details but  there is a lot of painting going on leading up to October.

If you have a special wild horse you would like to see me paint prior to Thanksgiving, Let me know as soon as possible so I can put your horse on the schedule. If your horse was on the schedule before I became ill and was not painted, please contact me as soon as possible so I can reschedule the painting. Thank you all for your prayers and your encouragement