Monday, April 9, 2012

So How Long Does it Take to Receive My Painting

So How long does it take to receive my painting once I have ordered it?

A lot of people think that since I am painting a mustang a day challenge that it means that I will be able to paint their painting and have it mailed out within 24 hours. The truth is a little different. While its true that I can very often paint a painting a day, I usually cant paint two paintings a day.  So I have a schedule.

Usually, I have the schedule set up on a 6 weeks rotation. Meaning, I usually plan 6 weeks in advance. So if you want your horse on the Mustang schedule the sooner the photography is submitted the sooner you can get on the schedule. This usually goes on a first come first served basis. I generally paint 10 to 15 owner mustangs in a month however not everyone buys their painting immediately. Sometimes its might be a month or two, especially if the owner is in the midst of a training rotation for the EMM or SEMM competitions.

Also In the middle of painting the “happy” mustangs I am also painting for charities. So at least two weeks out of the year I am painting for a worthy wild equine cause to help them widen their audience and show case their efforts at preservation, adoption, rehabilitation and rescue.

What if I have a horse or pet that is not in the Mustang A Day Challenge?

Commissioned work is usually done on off days.  So I have about 4 to 6 days a month that I can schedule commissioned paintings. These paintings are on a 6 to 8 weeks production schedule. So generally when your photography is submitted and your payment clears that is when the 6 weeks begins. Most of the time the turnaround is quite a bit quicker. However, if you contact me and don’t submit your photography or your payment doesn’t clear right away that will delay the speed at which I can finish your painting and mail it to you.

What are other things that might delay my painting?

Well aside from an act of God or War right now the gas prices are limiting my trips to the post office to one day a week.

Payment by check will also delay your painting from getting to you. With my bank even if it clears your bank in 5 days, my bank will not officially clear a personal check in less than 30 days. This is why I prefer PayPal as the payment is cleared in less than 12 hours if there is already money in the account.
If your money has to clear PayPal, it will take about a week longer than usual. Paintings are not shipped unless the money is cleared since so many of my clients are out of state and overseas.

Some people have suggested that I change banks however I think the inconvenience is worth it since my bank is one of the few in the country that didn’t need a bail out when all the other banks did. And money that they were forced to take they paid back almost immediately. That gives me a lot of confidence in that bank and the way they manage my accounts and protect my money and yours in our transactions.

Incorrect or partial names, incorrect addresses and no email address are other things that can delay communication with potential clients and keep you from receiving the beautiful painting you have ordered.

Another thing that will speed up your shipment is using a properly filled out postal money order. That money can be cashed immediately.
 I also accept Credit Union or Western Union Money Orders. However be advised that these take 5 days to clear my bank. There has been a problems with fraud in the use of these types of  money orders in the past so my bank verifies them  before they accept them.

 If any type of money order is rejected by the bank or post office your purchase will be delayed.

What if I want my painting faster?
The best way to assure that you receive your painting quickly is to make sure your payment arrives in full as quick as possible, that your photography is received and in the right format and size, and that you approve any sketches for larger paintings as soon as possible. Your 6 to 8 weeks doesn’t begin until all money, photos and approved sketches are received by the artist.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
If you have more or need to follow-up on a painting you have commissioned or have on the schedule for the Mustang A Day Challenge please email me at:

All correspondence should be directed to this address.