Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Burro Week On the Mustang A Day Challenge!

Burro Week: 
Very fitting leading up to the Christmas Holiday

We are very quickly heading into the time we Celebrate Christmas. This week is Burro Week. I am doing three very special burro paintings that will be translated into cards and prints. You can buy the items through zazzle and send a card to Gov. Perry of Texas help save the burros. 10% of the profit from each card will go to a charity that helps preserve, protect, find homes for or rescue “long ears”.


Guest Artists!
In addition we have two very special Guest Artists this week.

Sue Kroll is a “Long Ears” specialist. Sue paints mostly mules and donkeys. I first met Sue on facebook when she was painting a “Mule A Day” She was one of the people who inspired me to paint the Mustang A Day Challenge Series. No one captures the essence of burros and mules through eyes of love like Sue does. I’m very happy to have her as a guest on the Challenge. Her paintings will be featured on Thursday December 22nd.

Our other guest artist is Western Artist Debbie Flood. She is internationally know and has won many awards with her watercolors of modern cowboy culture. One of the things I love about her work is her colors. She works with a warm pallet that always has the colors of the sun, sand and turquoise. You always feel the warmth in each of her works of art. Debbie told me that she also did a year as a daily painter. She said it was an amazing experience that took her to new levels in her work. I am very happy to have her as a guest on the Challenge. Her painting will be featured on Friday, December 23rd


New Products on Zazzle Benefiting Sand Wash Basin Mustangs. And where to buy Original Mustang A Day Challenge Paintings.

Items Memorializing Sundance, a popular
South Steens HMA Stallion.
Please check out the Zazzle Store for new items and products from the Mustang A Day Challenge. You can link in here: http://www.zazzle.com/LindaLMartinArtist*

Also don’t forget that originals of the Mustang A Day Challenge are available on line through my Etsy Store:  http://www.etsy.com/MustangADayChallenge.blogspot.com

To all my clients and Fans:
Have a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful Holiday Season. Wishing You and Yours Much Peace, Prosperity and Joy in 2012.

Reminder: The Mustang A Day Challenge will not be posting mustangs on December 26th   and 27th Several special paintings will be completed during the week between Christmas and New Years.
The Mustang A Day Challenge will resume with Happy Mustangs on January 3rd, 2011