Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Project Happening Directly from Mustang A Day Challenge

Brand New project coming directly from the results of being involved with the Mustang A Day Challenge: The Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project!

You can read more about it here: The Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project

This is an amazing project!

The goal is to develop a place in the Mid-Atlantic region that offers adoption support for anyone adopting a wild horse and also offers a wild horse specific facility to help non-profits and rescues with untrained and un-handled wild horses and also to provide a wild horse specific location centered in the Mid-Atlantic States in Virginia, that will act as a temporary rest stop or layover facility that caters specifically to mustangs and other wild horses to get to their adoptive, sanctuary and/or forever homes.

who loves  horses on the East Coast should want to be involved In This Project!
Spirit before he was shipped to
Sanctuary . This was taken at his home
paddock in Delaware.

Why we are doing it:  Remember Spirit the horse we were fundraising for in March?  A group of tireless volunteers and donaters helped to get him and his son to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Yet there are many more wild horses some where in the region, tucked away in the hidden places. Another stallion that has been in a 400 by 400 BLM approved pen for his entire adopted life. He is standing almost knee deep in mud during rainy season. He is alone with no companionship. His feet are not trimmed. He has basic feed  but not other health care. He and his owners need the help the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project could provide for them. Remember it probably isn't that they don't love the horse; its that they really don't know what to do to change the situation. YOU CAN HELP. Become involved in this project now.
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Here is what you can do to help now!
We need Grass Roots help in talking up the project and sharing the information and we need help in selling the products that will help us raise the money to get this project off the ground and form a non-profit.
At some point we will be taking donations too but for right now we will sell the shirts and other gift items to raise the money to start the project.

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These two items are ready right now !Lets Share them with our friends and get our friends and their firends to share them too until we get the word out all over the Eastern States! These horses are History Worth Preserving.

"What I am doing is committing a portion of every royalty I get from these designs to The Mid-Atlantic Wild Horses Project."~ Linda L Martin Artist
What can you do to help us get it going?