Thursday, June 20, 2013

Announcing Just for Fun Wild Horse Collector Cards!!

These 2.5 by 3.5 inches  card sets and individual cards are great to collect for yourself, to teach your children and grand children about wild horses or to introduce the herds to friends and neighbors who want to know more about wild horses.

Every one of these cards is from an original painting or drawing of an actual living wild horse from out west by artist Linda L Martin for the Mustang A Day Challenge.

Signed Limited  to 100 Editon Collector set
Buy via Etsy at
The Mustang A Day Challenge Store

There are two variations on the cards.
You can choose to buy the collector sets that are signed and numbered or individual cards which are signed but open editions.  Each is a miniature in-house print of the original art. On the back is printed information about the horse and its parentage including the names that the independent horse watchers and photo documenters give the horses on the range.

As of this writing there are approximately 10 collector card sets either already available or in the making. And a few individual cards available for purchase. All of the cards are print on demand.

The  collector cards are in sets and are  signed and limited to 100 of each set .  The first 5 of each set are available for fund raising for groups such as the Wild Horse and Burro Association, The Sand Wash Advocate Team, and Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary.  Card sets numbered 25 to100 are available on a first come first serve basis directly via email, on Facebook, via etsy and the highest numbers are at auction on ebay when available.

Purchase Card sets directly though Etsy here:
Mustang A Day Challenge Store
  Also available are  “Color Your Own” black and white collector cards.
Ready to add your own color or personalization
These cards can stand alone as black and white prints
or stand up to crayons, color pencils or markers
Buy this set for $17.00 on Etsy
Color Your Own Collector Cards
They are good enough to stand alone in black or white or they can be colored and personalized.  These are also sold as print on demand cards and are open editions. They are not signed by the artist.

$1 from each set of collector cards goes to a photographer who documents the herd from each private sale.  25¢ from each card sold individually also goes to a photo documenter of wild horses.

If your organization or group would like to use the cards as give-aways or for festival or event fund raisers. Your organization’s representative can order sets or individual cards in groups of 25 at a reduced rate and they can be personalized with your organization’s logo to be used at your even. Please contact the artist through Facebook or email for more information.  Be sure to write "Collector Cards" in the subject line.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for production and delivery.

Share your Love of Wild Horses!

Enjoy your summer! ~Linda