Friday, March 11, 2011

Linda L Martin’s Mustang a Day Art Represented at Horse Fest in Springfield Missouri

The Original Painting of Carmel
is still available and prints can also be
ordered through  Linda Martin's site:

Linda L Martin’s Mustang a Day Art Represented at Horse Fest  in Springfield Missouri. The Prints of Carmel Challenge painting # 35 can be found at the Alder Hill Farm Rescue's booth.
Starting today March 11th 2011 at Horse Fest in Spring Field Missouri prints of Carmel, the mustang rescued as a foal by Alder Hill farm will be available to purchase at Horse Fest. If you are in the Area please stop in  and meet  all the Folks at Alder Hill’s booth. 

Click the image to
see the entire poster for
Horse Fest in Springfield, MO

 In addition to the prints of Carmel, Linda will also have prints of the Alder Hill Minis.  Both  of the Alder Hill Minis,  Napoleon and Prince Charming, will be at the event and you can meet them in person.  Alder Hill will also have a number of other fundraising items including a special rescue coloring book, other works of donated art, saddles, and information on the Rescue its self.  There will be two horses on site ready to adopt as well.
A portion of the proceeds from the  prints will aid Alder Hill Farm in the ongoing expenses of their sanctuary and rescue horses. Horse Fest runs from March 11th through March 13th.

Alder Hill Minis
from original watercolor by LindaLMartin
Prints and Notecards avaialable on site at
Horse Fest in Springfield, MO

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Alder Hill Farm Rescue