Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mustang A Day Challenge goes Video A Day For February!

Painting the Horses of the Owyhee Complex

Artist Linda L. Martin started off 2013 with a powerful project of depicting the Horses of  the Owyhee Complex Gather in Nevada through graphite, watercolors and oils. Nevada. There was a BLM management round up held there in December and January. With the help of BLM photography she was able to capture a number of unique qualities in these wild horses that sets them apart from other herds in different management areas.  Signed Reproductions will be available on Etsy Beginning February 11th. 
Working Mustangs Series:

Ms Martin began a series of graphite drawings on January 27th depicting the versatility and usefulness of  Mustangs that  had been adopted and trained. This will be an ongoing series through the Month of February as the reference photography comes in. Drawings will be posted on the Mustang A Day challenge Blog as they are completed, however will not be on consecutive days due to a full February Schedule of commissions and break off projects.

The first prints of these will be available on the Mustang A Day Challenge Etsy Store Beginning on February 5th, 2013. And also on the Wild Horse And Burro Association Auction Barn on Facebook. A portion of the proceeds from the auction sales will go to the new Association program to help promote adoption and on going education and support of  adopted mustangs and their owners.

Mustang A Day Challenge Online Video Project.

A number of break off projects are developing from the Mustang A Day Challenge. The long awaited Video project began on February 1st. The Video project will be a Video a Day project produced and released on Youtube. You can view the daily video’s here. http://www.youtube.com/user/LindaLMartinArtist?feature=watch

Videos will vary in length from 30 second show casespots to 3 minute educational shots. Mixed in the story lines for the educational videos will be selected representations by photographers who have contributed to the Mustang A Day Challenge project since 2010.  The show case videos will present paintings that have been featured in the Challenge project along with purchase information. The longer educational Videos will tell stories of Actual horses in the wild and the stories of some of the adopted horses to show people some of the aspects of herd dynamics and range life.

Opportunity to participate in the Mustang A Day Challenge Project:
If you are interested in helping to promote the challenge and its activities please contact  LindaLMartin at  info@llmartin.com. Please write  MADCProject Participation  in the subject line.