Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It is Burro Week on the Mustang A Day Challenge

Painting Adoptable Burros and Mustangs

This Week Is Wild Burro Week!!

This week I will be painting a number of Burros available for adoption either through the TIP program (Trainer Incentive Program) of the Mustang Heritage Foundation or via the current Internet Adoptions now ongoing for the next few weeks on the BLM page.

In order to participate in the adoptions you would need to fill out an application and become approved before you may bid. To find out how to qualify to adopt and to see the available horses and burros up for adoption please go here:

Remember every time someone adopts a wild horse, wild burro or wild mule they keep one more animals from long term holding  . And when you adopt please share your story with me and photos of your precious one, so I can put him or her in the challenge. #savingwildhorses