Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mustang A Day Challenge Begins December 1st 2010

First published on Line November 2010
Mustang A Day Challenge Begins December 1st.
The Mustang A Day Personal challenge of Artist Linda  L. Martin begins with a vengeance on December 1st 2010. The yearlong event is to produce 260 pieces of original art featuring America’s treasured mustangs. Painting A Mustang a Day 5 days a week to help preserver  Americas Mustangs one face at a time.
It is the hope of the artist that in addition to the sales of paintings and other items to raise money for the project, that corporate and individual sponsors will be found to fund a traveling exhibit and program to take the paintings and the stories of the horses on tour.
This project will benefit the cause of America’s wild horses in two ways.
The first is to not only make people thousands of miles away from the Mustang rangelands aware of our wild American horses and their daily lives, but it will give people a personal connection to the horses, even perhaps give non –horse people the opportunity to be involved with wild horse and burrow preservation in ways they never thought they could.
Once the cultural and artistic aspects of the project have been funded, the very horses who have been the subjects of the paintings will benefit from the fund raising effort. Especially those horses that are in crisis after they have been released from BLM management through adoption.
To make this work we need individual horse watchers, herd watch groups, photographers, non-profits and agencies interested in the care and protection of wild mustangs. If you can provide stories and reference photography please go to the  Get Involved page for directions on how to participate.
If you or your business would like to be involved please connect through out Sponsor’s page.
~Thank you all for caring enough to become involved in the preservation and protection or four beautiful wild horses.