Monday, May 9, 2011

This week on the Mustang A Day Challenge: May9th through May13th Happy Adoptions Week

This week on the Mustang A Day Challenge: May9th through May13th
Photo provided by Cecilia Steel.
Used by permission
Happy Adoptions:
This is another one of our Happy Adoptions weeks for the Mustang A Day Challenge. The first painting this week is unique in so many ways. First its of the horse of choice by our Mustang 1oo giveaway winner, Cecilia Steel.
His name is Shancho. He was a TIP horse started by Gerry Gesell. His story is a little different than most. Check out the Mustang A Day Challenge Blog tonight to hear of his unique circumstances and what a special horse he is. We also have 3 other horses that will be featured that have unique and heart warming stories. You wont want to miss one of them. And please share with your friends too.
Madeleine LeClerc and Tango
Photo provided by
Lightningbug Creek Photography
Ft. Collins Makeover Paintings
Again on Tuesday we will be doing week 8 of the Ft Collins Makeover horses. This week will be Robert and Watson. As part of the preparations for the June Event  Robert Carlson and Madeleine LeClerc have been riding Watson and Tango in as many different circumstances as possible public events, raging storms, near loud roaring machines, In doors out doors on trails, through water and then doing it all again at night.
If you happen to be in Texas and have some free time R&M Performance horses will be Picking up their Extreme Makeover horses on Friday May 13th and will be hosting a Supreme Extreme Mustang Starting Clinic using these horses for both Friday and Saturday. Go to their facebook page for more information on how you can participate. They still have a few spaces open so don’t hesitate to contact them.!/event.php?eid=150997271632422
Original Art/Gear/Reproductions

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Just want to remind everyone as we are going into the Summer Season that there are now 3 online venues that you can purchase Mustang A Day Challenge Originals, Reproductions and Mustang A Day Challenge Gear. More items and choices are being added daily so check back often.
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Print of  "I will Follow You"
Madeleine LeClerc and Tango
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Steps To Greatness
Robert and Watson
by LindaLMartin Artist
Digital Image
All Rights of Reproduction Reserved
Mustang Heritage Foundation Art Competition:
As many of you know the Mustang Heritage Foundation is holding a Competition at the end of this month for their Program cover for the Extreme Mustang Makeover. I have been working on a number of works with this in mind for the last month or so. I’ve finally come up with the first of two entries. Since the original painting I wanted to use didn’t fit the format, I decided to make a digital collage of the 3 of the watercolors. And then I have two more weeks to add an additional painting. For a total of 2 for the competition. Here is the composite. For more information on the Mustang Heritage Foundation Activities and the Supreme Extreme Mustang makeover got to