Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This week on Mustang A Day Challenge: Fighting Stallions of Sand Wash Basin HMA May 16th-20th

This week on Mustang A Day Challenge:
Fighting Stallions of Sand Wash Basin HMA
I must say horse watching even on facebook and blogs can blow away a lot of myths you have about wild horses in general. What I discovered was that I only understood about half of herd dynamics and that was from my mostly limited view of the horse from watching my own animals kept in as natural a situation as possible for their own health and well being.
My own personal Myths were the perception of how Stallions actually interacted with each other and their herds. This information I learned from other horsemen who for generations kept domestic, highly bred horses such as Arabians and Thoroughbreds. Even the Quarter Horse and Appaloosa Stallions I knew were rank, scary, pushy and demanded a healthy respect. Having my own stallion for a time I also learned from him but not as much as I have from the accounts of wild stallion behavior from the  photographers and horse watchers.
This week I am going to examine those myths of how and why stallions fight as I paint the fighting Stallions of the Sand Wash Basin HMA.
A portion of the money from the sale of this weeks paintings will go to those who’s tireless efforts have been dedicated to the Wild Horses of The Sand Wash Basin to document and help in the preservation of these animals.
Ft Collins Extreme Mustang Makeover
This challenging Supreme Extreme Mustang,
hasnt got a name yet but he is definately a
wild child Mustang. I will begin painting
 him and the two new Mustang Mares for
 Madeline and Roberts efforts to the Supreme
Extreme Mustang Makeover in September.
With only 4 weeks to go to the Ft Collins Mustang Makeover Both Madeleine Lecleric and Robert Carlson have taken on a combined three new horses for the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover(SEMM) event.
Unlike the two Fort Collins horses, Watson and Tango, who will be offered for adoption on the last day of the event, these three new horses were purchased by Madeleine and Robert for the SEMM Challenge.
Training started on the new horses the day they arrived at their Texas training center Where the trainers were holding  a two day audit only clinic on How to Start Your Mustang.  The three horses, it seemed were as different as night and day. Madeleine’s  little roan mare was about average for a mustang fresh out of the BLM holding pens and never been touched. The additional mare they brought home was a sweet little bay, that according to Madeleine only took 5 minutes to halter break and that after noon she had the saddle on for the first time.
"Going For a Spin"
8 by 10 Watercolor
by Linda L MartinArtist
However it was Robert’s horse that was the surprising challenge. The black gelding  was a truly wild and a bit aggressive in his reactions. He challenged each new thing that Robert put him to.  Being young and athletic and knowing how to use his hooves and body to get his way made for a demanding first two days that only an experienced trainer could handle well. In fact the team of Robert and Madeleine had to work together  at one point to help him get his mind where it needed to be.
Tuesday Night’s painting features Madeleine and Tango.
If you would like to follow Madeleine and Robert as they train Watson and Tango as well as their new Supreme EMM you can follow them on their new combined facebook page: R&M Mustang Program
I understand they will also be holding several more clinics in the coming weeks. You can find out more information on their page. 
Fund Raiser For Alder Hill Farm!
Rosie and Brio Two of the BLM Branded
Mustang Mares currently at Alder HIll Farm.
Thre are currently 10 plus Mustangs in Residence.
Some are in training and ready for adoption.
Find out more http://www.alderhillfarm.org/
Just a Reminder we still have a Special on 6 by 9 inch simple watercolor portraits of  $55.00. The special runs through June 30th.  Simply email me at contact@llmartin.com  or LLMartisticServices@yahoo.com  for information.  Mustangs painted using the special will be included in the Mustang A Day Challenge along with their story.
A portion of the proceeds from this Special will go to Alder Hill Farm Rescue to help with the care and feeding of the Mustangs in residence there. You can also donate directly to Alder Hill Farm by going to http://www.alderhillfarm.org/